Chris Evans feeds the calves
There are always some calves to see at Caerfai Farm. During your stay you can visit them and if your really lucky, you may help to feed them. Sometimes if calves become ill and they need special attention away from the others, we put them in our own garden where we can see them all the time from the kitchen window.

Our calves will usually be born naturally out in the fields. A mother will sometimes hide her calf away from danger in the hedge bank and make it very difficult to find. After a few days we will take the calf and rear it in a specially set aside area where we can hand feed it until it is big and strong.

calf taking it easy in the Pembrokeshire sun
Sniff Sniff

Calves enjoy being around other calves and we keep ours in small groups, so they don't get lonely. Growth rate differs from one animal to the next and one will always be the smallest We call this one the'Runt' of the group. We keep a watchful eye on it to make sure the others are letting it eat and it soon catches up with the rest

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